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All About Nettie

A bit of blabber!

Nettie Fitzenpitley, (that's me) is a world-renowned life coach (just kidding) and mother of an exceptional blended family, and wife to a pretty wonderful man. She is mature beyond her age, (Just kidding again) and loves to help people see the joy in life.  She believes the best recipe for life is love for God, love for people, compassion, understanding, and a desire to make the world a better place.

Nettie is a person of reflection and discernment and tries to understand just how it was that Jesus could love everyone just the way they are.  

"It's not always easy, but the trick is to look at me first, and see what it is He loves about me, despite all my faults.
So, in the hard times, I try, to love them anyway, and when I can't, I let God love them for me until I can."

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