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Mornings With Nana Nettie

Look for this icon in the video Library below to view

Mornings With Nana Nettie

Welcome to

Moments With Nettie!

Nettie is a delightful combination of Life Coach, Spiritual Director, and Comedian.  


With a joyful outlook, Nettie tackles everyday situations, concerns  with a sense of humor, deep relfection and joy.


Recognizing that both sadness and joy are an integral part of the human condition, Nettie shows us positive ways to live in this complicated world.

From silly to serious, Nettie is the Aunt you wish lived next door.


Nettie helps us strive to be

First Responders in Love

in all situations.


Her motto?

Don't Be Crappy!

Be Happy!

Be the Light!


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